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Our skilled Athens DUI Lawyer is dedicated to the defense of DUI cases from first offenses to felony drunk driving. DUIs can be embarrassing and devastating to people of certain professions. Now is not the time to have a lawyer that is going to lecture you about your choices. The fact is, you are in trouble with the law and you need a non-judgmental advocate to give you straight forward advice about beating your case, period. And that is exactly what you will get from our Athens Drunk driving lawyer. We have handled hundreds DUI cases over many years in a multitude of courts, and now you get the benefit of that experience. Call now if you’ve been charged with DUI.

You have the right to fight the DUI charges and the loss of your driver’s license. You need an experienced, dedicated Athens DUI attorney on your side to help mitigate the effects of this charge. We will carefully analyze the facts of your case to ensure that all applicable defenses are timely raised on your behalf. Every DUI case pits the DUI attorneys against the government and the police.

We prepare every case for trial because you can’t win them if you can’t try them.

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You’ve Been Arrested For a DUI in Athens, Now What?

The DUI process is complex and you will likely have a lot of questions following your drunk driving arrest. Will I be sentenced to time in jail? Will I lose my drivers license? How much will this cost me? What happens at the arraignment? What is a DDS Hearing? Is possible to beat an Athens DUI? Should I hire a criminal attorney? These are common questions and it is important that you understand your rights before you go into court.

The Arraignment

An arraignment is your first court appearance following an arrest, where you will appear with your dui lawyer. During the arraignment, the charges field against will be read and you will have the chance to enter a plea of “not guilty,” “no contest,” or “guilty.” If you wish to challenge the DUI charges, you should enter a plea of “not guilty” and the court will schedule your trial for a future date. Facing a legal proceeding like an arraignment can be confusing and intimidating, especially if it is your first time. Our Athens defense lawyer can accompany you to your arraignment to ensure that you understand your rights and the arraignment process.

Avoid Suspension of your Georgia Driver’s License

If you have been arrested for a DUI, the arresting officer may have confiscated your license and provided you with a “notice of suspension” and a “temporary license.” Suspension of your driver’s license will go into effect after 30 days and you may face suspension or revocation of your license for six months or more – even on a first offense. If you refused the breathalyzer at the time of your arrest for your first offense, you face a one-year suspension. If you have prior driving under the influence convictions, you face suspension ranging from 2 to 10 years. These DDS suspensions apply even if the underlying drunk driving charges are reduced or dismissed.

You have the right to challenge suspension of your driver’s license by requesting an administrative DDS hearing within 10 days of your arrest. Our Athens drunk driving lawyer can provide you with representation at the DDS hearing to help you avoid loss of your driver’s license.

Requesting a DDS Hearing

If you wish to challenge the suspension of your driver’s license following a drunk riving arrest, you or your attorney should contact the DDS within 10 days of your arrest to request a DDS Hearing. Our experienced attorney is available to assist you with the DDS Hearing Process, but it is imperative that a hearing request be made within 10 days.

We understand that loss of your driver’s license can have a devastating impact on your life. We understand that suspension of your license could cause hardship to your family, impact your social life and possibly cause loss of your job. This is why we work so hard to help our clients avoid suspension. An experienced Athens drunk driving criminal lawyer will work aggressively to defend your rights at the DDS hearing. We will diligently challenge the evidence and will raise all applicable defenses in an effort to have the suspension set aside.

Failure to timely request the DDS hearing within 10 days will result in a waiver of your right to the hearing and suspension of your Georgia license will begin in 30 days. If you have an out of state license and a DDS hearing is not requested within 10 days your driving privileges are likely to be suspended in your home state.

DUI Penalties

If you have been arrested for drunk driving in Georgia, you may face jail time, loss of your driver’s license and expensive fines and costs. Even a first time misdemeanor drunk driving offense carries substantial penalties, including license suspension, county jail , Alcohol classes, and Fines, Assessments and Fees upwards of to $1,000. If you have prior drunk driving offenses within the last 10 years, your penalties may be substantially higher.

Avoid a Criminal Drunk Driving Conviction in Athens! Call our DUI Lawyer (DUI ATTORNEY) Today!

The prosecutor may want you to believe that their case against you is cut and dried, but there are many defenses available to fight a drunk driving. Our Athens drunk driving attorney knows that that you may have various defenses available. Our attorney will work diligently to defend you against conviction.

Defenses that have been used to beat Athens drunk driving charges:

  • The officer’s lack of probable cause to make the initial stop
  • Mistakes in the administrative procedures relating to blood and breath tests
  • A person appearing not under the influence during field sobriety tests
  • Miranda rights violations
  • Illegal arrest
  • A lack of evidence

If you have been arrested for drunk driving in Athens Georgia, these and other defenses may apply to your case. Our skilled Athens drunk driving attorney can help you to determine what defenses may be available against a criminal drunk driving charge. However, it is important that you contact an attorney promptly as many defenses are time-sensitive.

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