Our Athens Immigration Lawyer (INS Lawyer) is ready to help you with your visa needs or deportation defense today!  Call our immigration lawyer today to schedule your free consultation. Our immigration lawyer can help you with the following services:

Our bilingual immigration law services include:



  • Labor Certification for U.S. businesses wanting to hire immigrants
  • Business investor visa services
  • Work visas
  • Complex visitor visa cases for international businesses who need their key employees to have the right to travel to the United States
  • I-9 compliance for U.S. businesses
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  • Visa services for families of soldiers and veterans
  • Expedited naturalization for soldiers, veterans, and their families
  • Parole in Place for families of soldiers and veterans
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Family & Individual

  • Family visas
  • Lawful Permanent Residence
  • Affirmative Asylum representation
  • Fiancé visas
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Naturalization & Citizenship

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  • Naturalization of Permanent Residents, including those with complex cases
  • Derivative Citizenship at birth for children born abroad, whether in our out of wedlock
  • Acquired Citizenship, whether under existing law or old law
  • Midwife cases
  • Dual Registered cases
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Deportation Defense

  • ICE Bonds and Paroles
  • EOIR Bonds
  • Defensive Asylum
  • Full range of motions practice, including motions to suppress, motions to change venue, motions for termination and/or administrative closure, etc.
  • All forms of deportation defense
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Useful information:

  • The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, commonly referred to as “Immigration”, has information on everything immigration related in the United States;
  • Know your rights! A great resource explaining all rights immigrants have when it comes to dealing with their immigration status in the United States. If you have any questions about these rights, call our immigration attorney today;
  • The Immigration and Nationality Act is the federal law governing the immigration process in the United States. If you or a loved one has questions about the immigration laws in the United States, call our immigration attorney today!