If you or a loved one are in ICE (immigration) custody, call our deportation lawyer today. We will help guide you and your loved ones through the deportation hearing process, and raise any defenses available in an attempt to stop the deportation. Our deportation lawyer is ready to handle your case. Our lawyers can help explain to you and your loved ones the ever-changing landscape of the immigration laws in the United States. Our deportation lawyer can explain what options are available to you and your loved ones even if you do not believe you have any.

Cancellation of Removal
When a foreign national illegally enters the US, they face the possibility of being deported. If you are facing deportation, cancellation of removal is an option that could allow you to have your current “illegal” status adjusted to a “legal” status. If this is the situation your or a loved one finds themselves in, call our deportation lawyer today.

Cancellation of removal would allow you to remain in the US. Our attorneys can guide you in your cancellation of removal or deportation proceedings, and provide you with the aggressive representation you will need in front of an immigration judge.

Deportation Defense
If you are facing deportation, our attorneys will thoroughly review your case, determine the best course of action to pursue, and build the aggressive deportation defense that your case requires.

Deportation is a scary prospect for many, but you will never have to apologize to us for your situation—we’re here to help you fight for your right to choose your home and allegiance. We’re passionate about deportation defense, and our knowledge of immigration law can make the difference between your deportation and obtaining legal residence.

Call today to discuss your or your loved ones deportation issues with our deportation lawyer today.